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Position: Technical Project Coordinator — Louder Labs Team

Classification: Full-Time

Location: Fully Remote (work from anywhere but you must have access to reliable internet and a quiet workspace for video calls).

Education: Bachelor's Degree preferred

About the Position

You’ll be Grand Central Station for all projects. You’re the go-to person for questions about project priorities and clients’ needs. You won't be alone, though! You'll work alongside developers to communicate with clients, establish priorities, and keep the team accountable.

You are a champion of proactive and responsive communication: you don’t mind, and may even relish the idea of, talking by phone, email, video chat, Slack, project management software, emoji, or smoke signal. You excel at organizing chaos, diligence down to the last detail, logistical prowess (you have calendar events to make calendar events), and the kind of warm communication that keeps collaboration and good feels flowing.

You will work closely with developers to deliver value to our clients. You will be responsible for making sure that the team keeps the client’s outcomes at the forefront as we develop new features, fix bugs, and put our clients’ products out into the world.

Although your day-to-day will involve working closely with our small team, you need to be the kind of person that enjoys working from home and managing their own time.

Communication Lead: Foster seamless communication as the primary point of contact between client and development teams by leading client pulse calls/video chats and internal team meetings including taking and delivering notes, compiling action items, and providing agendas. Bring resourcefulness and a solution-savvy perspective to projects day in and day out. Believe that culture is built through communication style.

Driving Projects to Completion: Actively drive projects to completion. Be the person who knows where a project stands in the process and what is happening daily to move the project forward. You’ll plan for and mitigate risks before they happen and keep internal and client teams up-to-date with what’s happening now and what’s happening next to keep the project moving forward.

Agile Project Organizer: Understand the agile project management methodology and work with development leads to get work organized, tasks estimated, and iterations (sprints) ready to roll. You don’t need to understand the technical ins and outs of each project and write the tasks, but you get to advocate for the client and make sure the tasks in each sprint line up with their priorities.

Chaos Organizer: Collect project artifacts, communication, and any other project assets from a variety of channels (meetings, calls, emails, Slack messages, etc.) and organize them in a systematic and easily-accessible structure so anyone working on the project has exactly what they need at a moment's notice. Document updates in Jira and keep the system polished and running smoothly.

Quality Control: Assist in day-to-day project and client support, delivering exceptional, professional, high-integrity client service. This may include helping QA a digital execution, testing new (and old) features for bugs, or simply running spell-check on some copy – whatever it takes to ensure every delivery is shipped with attention-to-detail in mind.

First Line of Support: You don’t need to know how to fix clients’ problems, but when a client sends a support request in you are the person that responds to let them know that they are heard, asks for more details if needed, and then assigns the work to the right person on the development team.

About You

You are outrageously organized — color-coding, folders, and systems are the stuff of dreams. Taking an idea and turning it into a timeline of user stories actually sounds like a fun way to spend a day to you!

You are incredibly skilled at both micro and macro thinking — making sure the big picture is always moving forward by way of all the tiny details that need to get done.

You love people — you’re a natural mentor and sounding board, and knowing that you helped someone else succeed gives you enormous satisfaction. You love coaching people to do their best, seeing people’s strengths and talents and drawing it out of them even more.

You’re big on follow-through — when creating a plan you take pride in delivering excellent results while exceeding expectations on deadlines.

You are extremely resourceful and great at playing detective — you can unravel any problem and figure out what’s really going on, what the missing pieces are, and go out and find them.

You thrive in a collaborative environment, but not on being micromanaged. You love to be given the freedom to excel in your job — many systems might already be in place. When you see opportunities to improve, you work with the team to create better processes. Being a leader within an organization is a dream come true for you.

You are open, direct, and straightforward — you believe that honesty, awareness, and ownership are the direct routes to problem solving.

You’d rather not play the “blame game,” but instead just correct the issue and keep moving — you are a solution-based thinker who investigates why things went wrong with the goal of improving the process. You believe that a process problem lies at the root of every apparent people problem. Your positive attitude helps keep morale high and the team moving forward.

It is pretty impossible to faze you and you’re able to take a hit and keep rolling — your goal is to get it done, even if the path that gets there isn’t quite the one that you anticipated!

You’re a lifelong learner — you enjoy growing and seek out ways to hone your craft through books, podcasts, training and good ol’ Google searches.

You love learning new things — you enjoy stepping into new domains of knowledge with experts in those fields. You love to learn enough about what our clients do to understand the project and potential pitfalls, but you aren’t expected to become the expert in each client’s line of work.

You’re pretty good at Tetris — from sprint to sprint you’ll be organizing different projects at different sizes and fitting that into the team’s capacity, which ends up being a new puzzle each sprint. Setting up that game and then playing it sounds like fun to you.

About Us

Louder Agency is a custom web application development agency dedicated to building innovative software solutions.

Louder Labs is the custom development arm of Louder Agency. We are a fully remote company based in Louisville, KY with team members across the country. We work with a variety of industries, including civil engineering, online education, healthcare, electrical services, and financial wellness. We believe in leveraging technology to facilitate meaningful human-to-human interactions.

We believe in being intentional—always seeking the why, choosing the best option, and doing the right thing even when it’s not easy. We care about what we do.

We are committed to always improving—always learning, growing, and never settling for the way things are today. We expect progress, not perfection.

We put people first. We strive to build relationships, be human, show empathy, and respect others. We keep priorities in mind, graciously taking care of ourselves and each other as we work together.

We set clear expectations. We communicate often and honestly. We do what we say and strive to exceed expectations.

We strive to live up to these ideals, creating a healthy environment where individuals and the team as a whole can do great work with great people.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Organization skills are a must due to the broad range of projects, milestones, and deliverables that run concurrently.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills—seriously. 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines.
  • Professional experience in project management, client communication, or other software management roles preferred.
  • A working knowledge of client-service workflows and a desire to learn more about modern website and web application best practices.
  • The ability to embrace and learn new technology quickly is essential. Candidates need to know or quickly learn their way around Jira, Slack, and other common applications for digital collaboration.

Ready to Apply?

To apply, submit the following via email to [email protected] with “Technical Project Manager” in the subject line:

  1. Cover Letter
  2. PDF of your resume
  3. A quick video explaining why you would be a good fit for this position